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Doulong provides stable, reliable and cost-effective IaaS solutions to satisfy the increasingly large demand for cloud gaming platform. And Doulong PaaS solutions with ultra-low latency access and powerful scheduling capacity can fully support the various gaming environments for Cloud Gaming Platform users.
Solution Highlights
Customized Hardwares for Cloud Gamings
Doulong Highly customized resources include dedicated gaming servers, edge computing nodes, high-quality networks, etc.;
Fully support various gaming environments and ensure stable gaming streaming experiences.
Self-developed Technical Innovations for Cloud Gaming
Raystreaming: High quality and low latency Audio and Voice streaming technologies;
MUNU: Seconds-class Million concurrent instances schedule systems;
Raystack: Virtualization technologies based on KVM with higher security, utilization and faster response time;
Raybox: Enhanced container technologies with better stability, reliability and data isolation.
Full-covered Cloud Gaming Supports
Game data synchronization across global Doulong infrastructure resources;
Compatible with various game content management solutions;
Supported up to 1080P/4K 60FPS/144FPS, average codec and rendering latency < 30MS;
Smooth and stable frame rate with ultra-low end-to-end latency for various gaming environments;
Build up client's customized brands/platforms step by step with Doulong technical support.
24/7 Operation Supports
More than 10 years of IDCs operation and maintenance experiences, providing timely technical supports to ensure daily business operation.
Doulong PaaS Structure
With the powerful self-developed streaming and container/virtualization technologies, perfect compatibility to X86/ARM, and elastic scheduling ability for Doulong global resources, Doulong PaaS solution can seamlessly adapt to various cloud gaming platforms of the clients and satisfy various business environments.
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