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Ultimate Performance
Ultimate comuputing peformance for cloud gaming, perfectly adaptive to high-quality 3A Games;
Flexible configurations meet the needs for multiple performance and dynamic storages.
Elastic Auto scaling
Pay-as-you-go or monthly rental, easily access to Doulong Cloud Servers global resources;
Automatically create, scale up or scale down the concurrent instances based on actual business needs.
Easy to Access
Access Doulong Cloud Servers directly through Doulong resource management platform or well-established APIs and SDKs;
Seamlessly adapt to any cloud gaming platform and support the business immediately.
Data Safety, Service Guarantee
T4 IDCs management with public cloud standard;
ISO27001 certified IDCs and operation management processes;
24/7 professional services data protection and timely technical support.
Doulong Cloud Server Architecture
With global 80,000+ self-built GPU nodes, over 30+ global cloud computing centers, and years of cooperation with major local telecom operators, the highly customized Doulong X86 architecture for cloud gaming can effectively reduce IT construction costs for cloud gaming platforms.
RaystreamingWindowsRaybox / KVMCentOS / Debian / UbuntuNVDIA / AMD Customized DriversRayvision Customized X86 based ServersVideo Streaming EngineVoice Streaming EngineCommands Syncronization of Touch/ Console/ Sensors
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