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Solution Highlights
Doulong Cloud Phone facilitating business like game operations, private traffic marketing, live streaming e-commerce and Cloud office through mobile
Authentic phone environments
Real mobile hardware and OS environments for cloud phone;
Data storage and backup on Cloud ensuring data security;
Remote authentic location functions;
Remote authentic camera functions;
Batch Management
Batch Management for cloud phone;
Synchronize tasks execution, such as batch apps installation, social media login, comment, likes and fans operation, etc;
Stable, reliable and improving the efficiency of private traffic management.
Ready, Reliable and Robust
Powerful underlying computing resources and technologies supports authentic game content streaming;
Lightweighted cloud version game packs providing high quality streaming images/sound effects and smooth gaming experience as local games.
Global Resources Deployment
Global cloud phone resources deployment;
Flexible expansion based on business need.
Solution Scenarios
Game Operation Assistant
Private Traffics Marketing
Live Streaming e-Commerce
Mobile Office
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