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Playable Ads enable game users to click and play without downloading, providing a fast authentic gaming experience, making it easier for the Game Content Providers or Operators to reach for target game users and increasing the marketing conversion rate.
Solution Highlights
Higher Conversion, Lower Cost
Click and play without installation;
Presenting authentic game experience directly from the Ad Pages;
Increasing game user willingness to download the full contents.
User-friendly Conversion
3A Games conversion supported;
Convert any PC and Mobile games to Playable Ad within flew clicks;
Cloud verson game packs or game links make promotion much easier and more controlable.
Authentic Game Experience
Powerful underlying computing resources and technologies support authentic game content streaming;
Lightweighted cloud version game packs providing high quality streaming images/sound effects and smooth gaming experience as local games.
Lightweighted Game Packs, Easy Deployment
"Lose weights" for large game install packs;
Average size of converted cloud version game pack less than 25MB;
Relief the burden for game promotion and installation.
Solution Scenarios
Playable Ad
Playable Ads with better interactive experience can greatly increase user conversion rates.
Playable Ad Packs/Links Promotion
It can be placed directly on app store channels like Apple store/Google Play or on social media, just click and play.
SMS Promotion
Send the web link of the playable ads through sms, click and experience directly.
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